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How to Grow Consistently in Your Spiritual Life

As Christians, we long to grow spiritually and see greater life change as a result. Yet the process for growth can often seem elusive.  

The good news is that it is possible to experience significant and consistent growth in our spiritual lives. By pursuing the plan for true spirituality outlined in Romans 12, we have the opportunity to see an amazing impact in our hearts and lives. The resources below will get you started on the path to spiritual growth. 

Free Resource

Ignite Your Faith in One Week

Whenever we pick up the Bible and read the stories, we are tempted to make the Biblical characters larger than life. 

This FREE resource digs into the life of Abraham. It’s our prayer that your interaction with him in these pages will not be as a mystical super saint, but rather as an ordinary person whose legacy of faith can inspire and ignite new growth in your spiritual life.

For Groups

True Spirituality

God's idea of faith isn't about rules or religion – it's about relationship. In Romans 12, God gives us a clear picture of what Christians should look like at the root level. If you're ready to move beyond the motions of religion and experience a real relationship with God, your journey begins here.

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April 20, 2018

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