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  • Building Community

    Building authentic community among group members is the secret to groups - and relationships - that impact lives for the long term Read more

  • Group Health

    Integrating Biblical core values into your group are the determining factor to it's spiritual health and longevity Read more

  • Interviews

    Interviews with experienced small group leaders helping you gain insight into new ways to invest in your small group. Read more

  • Leadership

    As a Group Leader, you play a vital role in building community and helping others grow closer to God. Learn how to grow as a leader by… Read more

  • Preparation

    Effective preparation as a group leader will help build commitment among your group members, delegate responsibility and effectively address issues Read more

  • Relationships

    These coaching tips will help you set a positive relational tone for members. As a leader, you play a pivotal role in engaging members Read more

  • Spiritual Simplicity Coaching

    Tips to help your group members do less and love more. Leader coaching from Chip Ingram and Lance Witt will help leaders press into the core issues of Spiritual… Read more